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This story and the artist's account contain adult content.

In my exuberance the year I started publishing on Amazon, I decided I needed to write something Christmas themed, and of course with me being me, it has to be naughty. I have to say I had a lot of fun with the flight sequence in the second half of the story. I might have to do more

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Everyone knows how Santa gets all the toys for all the good girls and boys. But have you ever wondered where the coal for the naughty kids comes from? Well, now you can find out! And you can see what all the reindeer do when not hauling him around the world faster than light. And did you know that reindeer lose their antlers at different times of the year depending on if they're male or female? Well now ya know!

Kris and Rudy were an air traffic controller and escort team, helping guide teams in when they were bringing in equipment. They would end up leaving later with a shipment of coal for the Pole. But when a storm bears down on the mountain, things get a little dicey. What's a pregnant reindeer to do?


Reindeer, Hermaphrodite, Cross-dressing, Transgender, Pregnancy, Male Pregnancy, Prostitution

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

"X-ray Delta Two Niner this is control. Distance to mark is one seven decimal two eight. Drop altitude to match, three hundred meters and change course ten degrees to port. At current speed, time to mark is three minutes twenty-five seconds." Kris called out over the radio.

"Copy that control. Dropping altitude to three hundred meters, turning ten degrees to port. Advise status of mark." called back the voice at the other end.

"Their progress is steady, doesn't look like they're having any trouble. This ought to go by the numbers." Kris leaned in, peering at the display as two blips approached one another, both headed for a common point where their paths would cross.

"You know I like it when it's simple. What's the weather looking like down there?" the voice listed as 'XD-29' asked.

Kris switched over to another display, peering at all the weather data pouring in from the remote sensors and satellite feeds they were patched into. The space age had really revolutionized their ability to direct air traffic.

"Surface winds are holding at fifteen kilometers per hour. Upper level is picking up, gusting to forty. Pressure is beginning to drop. Looks like that squall we've been watching is turning our way. Better get those ladies landed sooner rather than later. Estimated time until storm front hits is just under thirty minutes." the reindeer called out.

"Understood. I'll bring them in no problem. Just have a mug of cocoa waiting for me." the voice responded.

"You got it, Rudy. Advise when you've made visual contact." Kris leaned back, eliciting a squeak from the old chair.

Prosper was a small outpost with a mine only a couple hundred years old. The name was chalked up to wishful thinking, but the staff working there had little to complain about. That was if you didn't mind constant below freezing weather, total darkness for a big chunk of the year, or coal. That was one thing Prosper had going for it. It had lots and lots of coal. And the reindeer working there needed it.

It wasn't meant to keep anyone warm. They never dared to even think about burning it. No, it was meant to be mined out, then carried north to the Pole. There, it would be distributed around the world to all the naughty little children who couldn't behave themselves enough to get on the 'Good List'.

It was a busy year. There were more children in the world than every before, and the stories of the jolly, fat man who brought presents to all the good kids had spread far and wide. Thankfully, for the reindeer working the mines, the naughty to nice ratio had been evening back out. The last five years, more had been declared 'naughty' then 'nice'. Now it looked like they were back on a trend towards an elf market rather than a caribou market. No matter what the economy looked like, there would always be a need for coal to convince the kids to be nicer the next year. These things always ran in cycles regardless.

Kris sighed and sipped a the mug of tea someone had been kind enough to bring, watching as the two dots on the screen got closer and closer.

"X-ray Delta Two Niner, you are approaching visual range. What's your status?" Kris adjusted the headset.

"Visibility is low, estimating one kilometer sight distance. Advise range to mark." Rudy answered.

"You're under five kilometers. Come north another ten degrees to slow your relative speed. We don't want you two ramming into one another." Kris leaned forward again, setting the mug down on the desk.

"I've got a ping on my sweep. Adjusting course and speed to rendez-vous. Looks like you called it right on the nose. Nice job." Anyone listening could have heard Rudy's smile over the connection.

"Roger that. Let's go by the numbers. Make contact and begin escort to landing strip." the reindeer smiled and leaned back again.

The two blips slowed their approach to one another as Rudy's designation curved to match the other's course. In moments, the sound of chatter between the two dots filled Kris' ear and the two became one. The newly unified dot, taking both the 'XD-29' designation and the 'MKF-451' listing as a combined name, began to slow and turn, swinging back towards the origin of the screen's sweep.

The conversation between the escort and the cargo pilots was brief and professional, sticking to the usual greeting, status update banter, and one or two little comments. It wasn't going to be anything out of the ordinary. And thank goodness for that. With all the action Rudy and Kris had seen in the last month, it was a welcome respite.

With the big event coming up in only a week, it wasn't a surprise to anyone that traffic was ramping up. The foreman had added five more teams to each shift, keeping at least ten escorts on standby at all times. At least it came with double pay so close to the end of the year.

After a less than ten minute flight, the dot showing both escort and freighter reached final approach. Kris directed them to slip into the queue and all souls made it to the ground without incident. Kris removed the headset, a task that would normally be made tricky by the presence of antlers but skill and frequency had rendered it a non-issue. The air traffic controller departed from the hub and headed down to the entry bay.

There, Rudy was busy guiding the four ladies who had pulled their cargo all the way from the Russian shore. Reaching Northern Canada from there was no small feat given the weather and trying to evade detection from the rest of the world. After all, it would spoil the magic if the secret got out.

The escort unsnapped the strap under her chin, then pulled the sides of her helmet apart just far enough to slide it off her head. Again, antlers might have caused an issue, but some very smart engineers had solved that problem. with Rudy's nose exposed, she pulled the helmet backwards, feeling it slip over her hair and cheeks until it popped free. The protective headgear had holes left in place for the boney protrusions sticking up out of her skull, which opened up in the front to let the whole thing slide back off of her.

"That makes sixty-eight in a row for the season!" Kris said, hooves clacking on the stone floor during the brief walk over.

"Still holding the record!" Rudy lifted an arm, flexing it in a pose of strength.

The escort reindeer began pealing off her flight suit. It was a cold-weather coat and pants, but it hugged tight to prevent issues with blood flow during those tight turns. Built into it was a small, lightweight flight computer that provided an escort with all the necessary flight instruments. It also made sure that her bundle stayed nice and warm. She ran a palm over her swollen stomach, sighing in relief now that she was out of the close-fitting gear. The baby was starting to get active, cranky for dinner.

"That was the last one for the night. We're off shift. Wanna get something to eat?" Kris asked, stepping in to gently clack their antlers together and bump a similarly rounded tummy against the other.

"You bet! I'm starving!" Rudy rolled her eyes and cocked her head backwards, seemingly from the force behind her voice.