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Thoughts On Radical Empathy

Okay so, I stayed up way too late ruminating about something and I decided to just pour it all out of me in one big burst of semi-creative essay writing. Apologies if this kind of meanders about, I didn't have any plan or structure built for this, it just sort of gushed forth.

Radical Empathy is Fucking Dope

Who doesn't love a good kung-fu movie? Or maybe the odd Marvel movie? I know it's kind of mainstream right now to shit all over Marvel movies for being junk-food media and yeah, a lot of them are, but that's okay. Sometimes, it's okay to have a fun, silly, enjoyable movie that may or may not have much substance to it...  ...

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The Thermian Experiment

Galaxy Quest is a fantastic movie--ignoring for the moment the problematic nature of at least one of the actors in it. It has such a fantastic premise, a character driven story that demonstrates growth on everyone's part (even if it's only a small amount), and has a resolution that feels so sincere and heartfelt. The thing--however--that I've been pondering a lot about lately is the notion of the race known as the Thermians. These are creatures that are highly advanced, able to make themselves appear human despite being sort of octopoidal (and honestly, that form is kinda cute? Not monstrous but...  ...

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Update - 11/1/2021

Previous job ended a good while back. I don't miss it, but the cash flow is definitely missed. I have--however--secured another job. I'm still in training (I've only been there for a week) and I was brought on as a contractor rather than direct hire... which... thanks for that... if I had wanted to go through a staffing agency, I would have... especially because the staffing agency I HAD been working through had been practically dead freaking silent since I started back up with them.

Go figure.

Anyway... you might have noticed that for a while, this site had been pretty blank.  ...

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And So the World Ended - short story

And so the world ended.

None who live today recall how it happened, or even that it happened. Therein lies the curious notion of 'the end of the world'. How arrogant to assume the world ends when it is merely a world that ends. Another grows to replace it. Nature creeps back in to reassert herself in regions where she had been squashed. Once vast and shining cities crumbled. Monuments to the existence of those who built that 'world' now either stand completely concealed in vegetation, or have been reclaimed entirely by the earth.

The people who lived here have passed out of the memory of most all who have taken up residence.  ...

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Surmounting Lassitude

I have a hard time starting work. This doesn't mean getting up in the morning and going to a job. Hah, I don't have one! Be jealous of my lack of sustaining income ye wage slaves! (what I wouldn't give to have a steady occupation). What I mean is I'll have a daily goal set for myself, let's say writing so many words. I know I can do it. I've proven that I can. I have a mountain of content I've created that speaks to the fact that I am capable of such a feat.

I'm not even talking about starting a project.  ...

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