Chapter 29 – The Lost Relic

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Roslin led Link along rather quickly as they left the large chamber behind, returning to the stairwell that had brought them up into the temple proper from below. The lift awaited them and carried them through the complex within the floating island. The whole trip was made in silence. The Lieutenant wasn’t about to interrupt the Minister–the Potentate–when she was on a roll.

They arrived at what likely was the control room for the hanger they had originally landed in. There sat Shad, having only just returned to his duties guiding incoming craft into the facility. Impa sat along with him, watching the controls and readouts carefully.

“Status report.” the woman ordered.

Impa stood as Roslin walked in, the lightening of her heart showing in her face as she heard the Minister’s return to action. Shad didn’t seem to notice any difference, too engrossed in what he was supposed to do.

“We have had three additional shuttles arrive since we landed,” Impa answered, “We are expecting another five within the hour, and several more after that. The crews of all three shuttles have been escorted to the locker rooms for a change of uniform and debriefing after that. Commander Euless has been kind enough to see to it they are all taken care of.”

“Excellent. Shad, you’re with me. We’ve got a lot of work to do and very little time to get it done in. Impa will take over for you here,” Roslin said and turned her attention to the Sheikah bodyguard, “When you have enough staff on hand, make sure this position has a post stationed here at all times and then report to me. Things are about to change around here, and I’m going to need you by my side.”

The dark skinned, svelte woman nodded, bowing slightly. It was as if she could read Roslin’s mind to a certain extent.

“As you wish, Minister.” Impa said.

She turned and sat back down, ready to guide the rest of the incoming vessels. Shad was mystified slightly by the change in orders but did as he was told.

“What would you have me do, ma’am?” he asked.

“Walk and talk, Shad. Walk and talk,” Roslin said as she turned on her heel just as she had when Link first met her and practically marched down the corridor outside the flight control room, Shad joining the Lieutenant in a drafting position, “The work you’ve been doing for our friend here, is it done?”

Shad nodded as they moved quickly along, “Yes ma’am. It is. I’ve only a few minor adjustments to make which I can perform in the training phase. I don’t foresee any problems with the equipment.”

“Good. How long would it take you to make a second one?” Roslin asked.

“A… second one, ma’am?” Shad replied curiously.

The Minister reached into her pocket and pulled out a small data pad, tapping away into it for a brief moment, “Yes, a second one, built to these specifications.”

She handed the tablet over to the confused Shad who looked over the readout carefully.

“Not long… using the original as a baseline blueprint, it should only take a few hours. Most of the process can be automated.” he answered.

“Good. Take us to the vault then go get to work on the mark two model. Make sure the paint job is appropriate. I’ll be along after a while to oversee a few additional modifications.” Roslin said.

The intelligent young man nodded and scurried forward in front of them as they reached the lift, tapping a code into the pad. The characters he used weren’t the usual modern Hylian alphabet. It was ancient Hylian. They were heading to the repository it seemed.

The doors opened and the three stepped through. A chime requested a second code after the doors were closed which Roslin herself entered. The same eight note melody from Link’s first visit played and the lift began to move anew. Down they descended, deeper into the bowels of the floating island.

“I’m impressed you recognized the temple upstairs, Lieutenant. Even a lot of the history buffs didn’t recognize photos of its interior at first.” Roslin said.

Link’s eyebrows pulled into a downward curve over his eyes, confused mildly, “How could they not instantly know what it was?”

Roslin turned to look at the young man, “Did you notice anything missing upstairs? Anything at all?”

The soldier paused and pondered for a brief moment. He had an answer already in mind but he thought that might be too on the nose.

“I can only think of one thing that should have been there that wasn’t. But… you’ve got to mean something else, something a lot less obvious.” he said.

“No, Link. That’s what I’m talking about.” Roslin said.

The lift stopped and the doors opened. Beyond were the familiar stone corridors from the previous visit. Shad hurried forward with the other two closely behind.

“Miss Roslin has had me working very closely with this particular artifact, analyzing it very carefully. I’ve been trying to isolate the frequencies and energies it possesses and imbue our soldiers’ weapons and armor with it to better protect them. It has proved quite challenging. Nothing I can create myself even approaches the strength of this relic. Given its origin, I suspect that is by design.” Shad said.

He led them to a stone wall covered in intricate carvings that told many of the legends of Hyrule. In the center were three triangles, each one appearing to be smaller representations of the Triforce, the three parts of the Golden Power as it had been called in the past. They sat equally distant from a smooth, blank, circular portion of the wall. Link didn’t remember walking past this wall on his last visit, but then he had been distracted by the relics stored in the rooms they had passed.

“Very few people have been permitted into the repository,” Roslin spoke with a great deal of solemnity, “Even fewer have been permitted past this point. Shad, you can go ahead and get started on your work. Please make sure you send Rauru to see us with your finished mark one unit.”

The bespectacled man bowed slightly and turned, rushing off quickly to do as he was told. Roslin turned back to Link, watching as he looked over the wall, his mouth open ever so slightly in amazement. This was exactly the sort of reaction she had expected out of him and for a brief moment, she permitted herself the joy of being delighted and amused at his awe.

“It’s all here. Every last story about the hero. It’s all abridged and too short to tell the whole story of each, but they’re all here.” Link said in a hushed tone of wonder.

“A very long time ago, the sages agreed that the Temple of Time was no longer sufficient protection for the relic that rests behind this wall. At least, not when it was so public. So, they created this place, a sanctuary for all Hylian knowledge and technology from the legends you’re reading about right now,” Roslin explained as she turned to gaze upon the graven history of her kingdom, “They imposed a rule. This door can only be opened by one of the three, and only if their heart is pure, if they knew the Goddesses. Ganandorf could never open this door, neither could Yates. I can. And so can you. You simply need to speak the words that will unlock the gate.”

She stepped back softly and lifted a hand, indicating to the blank circle in the center. Link paused hearing her speak. He moved towards the blank space and examined the carvings around it. As he approached, the three pieces of the Triforce began to glow softly. One had a gentle crimson hue. Another had a delicate azure shade. The third was softly emerald. The Lieutenant looked down to his left hand, the mark on the back of his palm glowing just as the wall was. It didn’t hurt. Instead, it felt warm, almost inviting. It felt right. Link lifted his left hand and gently placed his palm against the blank circle. He wasn’t at all sure what she meant by ‘the words that will unlock the gate’, searching his memory for what might be the phrase.

“I… I don’t know-“

“Don’t overthink it,” Roslin said to gently stop him, “Just focus on what is in front of you. What do you see?”

Link searched the immediate area around his hand, finding nothing but the blank wall and the three pieces of the Triforce around it. He sighed as his brow furrowed in frustration. He turned to look back at Roslin, frowning deeply.

“I don’t see anything but three glowing triangles.” he said.

“Yes, three triangles that come together to form a greater whole. Three aspects the goddesses wanted us all to balance in ourselves and our actions.” Roslin explained, hoping he would come to the solution naturally.

He had to. She couldn’t give him the answer. It was always far more satisfying when someone could figure out a puzzle on their own. And she desperately wanted him to earn this little victory. He needed it, just like the pep talk he had given her earlier was exactly what she needed.

The Lieutenant pondered for a moment, feeling a revelation about to dawn on him, “Three triangles, three aspects… three Goddesses… only if they knew the Goddesses.”

Roslin watched, wanting to encourage him onward but held back. Instead, she just echoed his words.

“Three triangles, three aspects, three Goddesses.” she said.

As if a light had broken in on Link, the words came to him, unsure if that was precisely the answer, but it made sense. All his obsessing over ancient lore told him the answer had to be that simple.

“Din… Nayru… and Farore.” Link said.

A gentle tone sounded as a new triangle appeared under his hand, inverted compared to the other three and large enough to surround the whole of his palm as well as his fingers. Lines stretched out from the three points, connecting with the edges of the circle, filling the carved groove with the same light. The subtle jade of one of the three triangles on the wall began to quietly pulse, fading and returning in a slow rhythm. The other two faded lightly but not completely. On the third pulse, the emerald triangle remained solid and its light began to spread across the wall.

All of the intricate carvings became illuminated with the same ethereal glow. Link stepped back to drink in the sight of it. He didn’t have long to look. Once the entire wall was lit, the ground shook and the section containing the carvings pulled in away from the Lieutenant. A satisfying sinking home of stone ended the light tremor, but only briefly. The wall then began to rise, sliding into an unseen crevice above within the rock face itself. The gate wasn’t the section he had been standing in front of, it was the whole rock face.

Light poured in from under the stone wall as it lifted away. It was blinding having such powerful illumination compared to the relative, comforting darkness of the corridor. Link lifted his hand to shield his eyes, acclimating to the brightness. As he grew used to it, a shape appeared in the blotch of white light. It was thin and tall. Two arching arms curved out and down from very near the top. Even with his vision struggling to focus on it, Link knew immediately what he was laying eyes upon. The earlier revelations had taken his breath away, but this truly left him breathless. He dared not inhale or exhale for fear it might wake him from this dream. Slowly, he began to approach, stepping into the small chamber.

It was all too fitting in his mind, an empty, featureless room save for a pedestal in the center and a singular beam of pure white light shining down from above, bathing the relic, pristine in its condition.

“It’s here… You actually have it… I thought it had been lost.” Link finally said so quietly as if to not wake a sleeping child.

“That’s the general idea we had hoped to cultivate,” Roslin said, “Imagine the hordes of tourists and would-be heroes that would flock to see it if it were publicly viewable. This is something to be kept safe and secret until it’s needed. And I think making the public unaware of its location qualifies it as ‘lost’.”

Link gazed over the gleaming blade, marveling at the absolutely perfect condition it was kept in, its markings completely intact, the metal showing not a single smudged, the grip not worn even in the slightest. There was a soft, pale blue light that surrounded the entire weapon, humming with an almost inaudible tone.

“It’s beautiful.” the Lieutenant said.

“It truly is. I used to come here when I was particularly upset. Just shut the wall behind me so no one could see me. Something about just looking at it would make me feel better. As if it were a guardian in and of itself and it watched over all of us.” Roslin explained in a reverent voice.

Link immediately backed away as soon as the grandeur began to really sink in, “I don’t know if I should even be here. I don’t know if I’m worthy.”

Roslin chuckled softly, resting a hand on his shoulder and gently pushing him forward, “You are worthy, trust me. Go on… take it. Take the Blade of Evil’s Bane, the Sword that Seals the Darkness. Can’t you hear? It’s calling its master.”

The Lieutenant looked back at the lady behind him, emboldened by her words. He turned to gaze at the sword again, stepping forward. With his feet on either side of the pedestal, he wrapped his left hand around the grip. A tingle shot through his arm, not by some magic of the weapon but his own mind playing a trick on him.

He was holding it! It was there, in his hand! It was real in all its glory! The feel of the texture along the grip was exactly as he had always imagined it would be!

He clenched his teeth, terrified he might damage it as he pulled up as straight and true as he could manage. The sound of metal sliding out of a stone holster perfectly carved to fit it echoed quietly around the room until it was free. It was lighter than he expected, but it felt every bit the weapon it was. He marveled as he turned it about in his hand, finally bringing the hilt up to his face, the customary salute of a swordsman. It seemed to sing in his hand.

The Master Sword had awakened at last.

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