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I’m such a shitty ally

There’s a comedian by the name of Craig Ferguson. He’s Scottish, used to host the Late Late Show, and has done a fair bit of voice work. In one of his standup specials, he talks about people converting to Catholicism. He jokes about how these converted Catholics feel like they need to make up for only turning to the faith later in life by being “extra catholic”. It’s a terribly funny bit where he demonstrates a convert’s overzealous enthusiasm at practicing the faith to the point of becoming obnoxious to life-long Catholics.

I kinda feel like that’s where I am.

It wasn’t until I was in my mid to late twenties that I realized “Oh, hey, you know how you like girls?  ...

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Vent blogging

This is just me prattling on about my own sorry self. If you have no interest in the self-deprecation of some rando on the internet, then by all means, give this a pass.

If you choose to continue, be forewarned, some of this might bring up some less than pleasant feelings. I believe the appropriate term is ‘trigger warning’ no?

Alright, last warning, from here on, you are treading into the unkind ramblings of my mind.

I hate it when I feel this way. I know my brain is just being a dick to me, but I can’t help it. I don’t know how to stop my brain from thinking these things.  ...

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A letter to my dad

I’ve been a big fan of Stephen Colbert for a long time. Not that long ago, he had the cast of Queer Eye on the Late Show and I enjoyed their collective interview. It was something I didn’t know I needed in my life. I had dismissed the show as ‘just more reality television’ because it wasn’t science fiction or animated or stand up comedy or a number of other things I’m interested in. And because I tend to stay as far away from reality television as I can. After the interview, I decided to give the show a chance.

I’ve recently completed season one.  ...

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Jar-Jar Binks didn’t deserve the hate he got

Today started off like pretty much any other Saturday for me. Lazy morning, woke up later than probably I should have, grabbed the laptop and tooled around on there for a bit, checked twitter and a few websites to see what I had missed. I got up, pulled the sheets off the bed to throw them in the washer because I try to wash them every week. It’s a ritual I use to try and stave off acne since I have issues with breakouts if I’m not fastidious about it. Also, happiness is just getting out of a steamy shower in the dead of winter and climbing into bed with freshly laundered sheets.  ...

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