Additional Art – Dragon Envy

Artwork associated with the various chapters of Dragon Envy. If a chapter is not represented here, that means there isn’t artwork for it beyond the cover image.

Dragon Envy: Unauthorized Access

Darren after eating Sam

This is an image that was made for me in exchange for a story I wrote many years back, so long ago that it was back when I was still in college. That story is no longer available through any of my publishing outlets, and I’m not sure if the artist has the story hosted anywhere herself.

This is by Jidane, and it was drawn back for the previous version of the story Darren and Satianna first appeared in. That version is no longer available and will not be made available as I’m not comfortable with the content found within.

Jidane can be found over on FurAffinity. She has two accounts, one is older, ‘Jidane‘, and would appear to be unused. The other under a new name ‘NaughtyChow‘ is much more active.

This story and the artist’s account contain adult content.