So twitter is imploding? Perhaps?

I am very tired.

I don't like Elon Musk. I don't like his politics or his attitude or his racism or his transphobia etc. etc. etc. I could go on.


And I will.

I don't like that he claims he's a self-made man when he grew up the son of a rich white couple one of whom owned half the interest of an emerald mine in Apartheid South Africa.

I don't like that he lies about what his cars can--or will soon be able to do.

I don't like that he called a guy trying to save some trapped kids in Thailand a pedophile because said guy poo-pooed his mini-submarine idea... because let's be honest, it was fucking dumb.

I don't like that he has propped up cryptocurrency and weaponized his fans against reporters that write 100% accurate stories about him that he doesn't like.

I don't like that he squashed any hope of high speed rail on the west coast (and the rest of the US probably) because of his insane hyperloop idea, which continued to change and morph until it just became another way for him to sell more of his self-igniting cars.

And I really don't like that he's bought twitter.

I can't see into the future--and I hesitate to prognosticate on what is to come, even though I've done so in the past. I'm trying to curb that kneejerk reaction in a lot of places. I do however worry based on things I've heard that the site won't be around much longer.

So to that end, I've dusted off my Tumblr and set up accounts on a few other places just in case.

You can find links to them in the "WHERE TO FIND ME" tab.

I hope things change.

I hope Musk gives up Twitter to someone who can actually run it, and does so in a way that's better than how he's run it--and better than Jack.

I hope that fascism isn't given the oxygen it needs to breathe.

I hope the brands go ignored moving forward.

I hope that the people who have developed deep, wide, meaningful support networks and communities through twitter are able to set up backup connections just in case and there is a minimal degree of downtime. (this whole debacle really has demonstrated that holy shit, we need to not put all our eggs in one hellsite of a basket)

I hope that we can learn from this and make better decisions.

I hope that bad actors are squeezed out of such spaces.

I hope that we can have nuanced conversations again.

I hope that people can feel safe again.

I hope.