Life Update

So, if you’ve been paying attention to the feed here on my blog, you’ll no doubt notice I was on a pretty steep downward trend there for a while. Weeeeell… I ended up hitting rock bottom. I had me a full blown breakdown panic attack at work–there in the office–and handed in my notice.

That was more than a month ago. I’ve been unemployed for about a month. I’m looking for a job currently and I’ve got a bit of savings to live off of for a bit… but I’d like to get employed again pretty soon. But being away from that super stressful environment has been good. I’m not nearly as keyed up as I had been.

To that end, I’ve been slowly getting back into writing. If you are a patron over on my patreon, you’ll see I’ve posted a couple of things with the hope of getting even more posted as time carries on.

I’m also going through and rebuilding my Amazon stories–just backend stuff, formatting, updated information outside of the story itself, maybe a little additional in-story editing depending on things. I’m hoping to get all of that done so I can post ALL my stories over on Gumroad so that people have a choice between buying there or buying on Amazon… because… Amazon… need I say more?

So yeah, things are happening. Maybe I’ll even get a new Amazon story written and published before the end of the year. Would be nice, huh?