Party Wipe - patreon story idea

===Straight copy/paste from the Patreon post==

Recently, I asked some folks--just because I was curious--what D&D class they thought I'd be if I were defined as such. A few different folks threw out bard or cleric, but most decided that--'without a doubt' they said--I would be a wizard. Personally, I find the concept a bit too grand for someone as minor a player in his own life as me... but I don't really have much control over how people perceive me. People seem to think I'm pretty scholarly (which I'm most definitely not, I was a rather poor student, but I'm real good at parroting back things I hear if I like it) and that being one who crafts things with words is very wizard-like. So, I guess that's just the end of it.

Also, I decided to get my friend Riddle to draw Smokey as a wizard, and I kinda really liked the result. It got me to thinking about using the picture as a basis for a story... and it's been so very long since I flexed my story-writing muscles, there was a little bit of an ache. So, I decided to give it a shot.

I'm working on the bones of a new story which I'm calling "Party Wipe". I've got the basic, core narrative already framed out, but I need to fill out the cast. I've got me as a wizard, but I need more than just that for the story to work. Now, sure, I could just craft those characters myself, but I think it might be a little more interesting if I reached back to the early days of my Patreon when I added in supporters as cast members to stories. So I think I might go for that again.

Here's the basic idea:
A D&D style party is on their way to a dungeon to fight a monster as part of a quest. They get there and fight the monster but something goes wrong. Almost the entire party is killed rather quickly--everyone but Smokey. But because Smokey is a wizard, and he's recently equipped his team with a little charm they each wear, they are restored almost immediately... inside Smokey. So, when they wipe, suddenly Smokey's belly is too big for him to move. He's at the mercy of the monster... who is now intrigued by what has transpired.

This of course leads to sexy-times as a means of preventing a FULL party wipe... and after the fun is had, the party ends up stuck inside Smokey for 'the duration'.

What I need:
The party will consist of five, one of which is Smokey.
I need four more characters - a barbarian type, a fighter type, a rogue type, and a cleric type.

But that's not all. I also need a monster. They'll be intelligent, usually cranky and aggressive towards interlopers (who wouldn't be when you keep suffering home invasions all the time), but can be friendly under the right circumstances.

If you know more about D&D than me (which is almost a certainty), I'd love to hear from you about which role you might like to fill, and a little more detail on the class in question.

I don't think I need to follow strict D&D rules, just use the system as a guiding framework. I do however see the party as three in front, two in back (specifically the wizard and healer types as support).

You don't have to contribute at a specific level to be "eligible ", I'm just interested in hearing what folks have to say and if their ideas and suggestions would be a good fit for a specific role. Replying here is probably a bit of a pain since this would be more conversational, so if you haven't, join up to the Discord server and we can certainly chat there.

I'll be making a channel JUST for this story's development where details can be discussed.